Midfielder: First is Gundogan.

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Midfielder: First is Gundogan.

The first is the captain of the team Ilkay Gundogan. What will you do with the future? With a contract that expires at the end of this month, June 30, and throughout the past Both the player and the club are “busy” to negotiate an agreement. Plus, now that the club’s queue has run out. Gundogan has to serve in the German national team. Play a warm-up game (Preparing the team for Euro 2024) 2 more matches until it’s done well, next Tuesday. This means there is about 10 days. Left to come to a conclusion between each other.

The decision-making power at the moment will depend largely on the 32-year-old whether to sign or leave. because he who is “The first deal that Pep took to City” has won every trophy with here. How many more challenges left in the Etihad Stadium. But when leaving? It’s equal to him having to give up everything to Manchester City. Including the captain’s armband, the chance to win all kinds of titles that are waiting in the season. Until the matter of “fun” in playing footbal.l It can seen that Pep’s football answers. This question for him very well.

First is Gundogan, then Bernardo Silva.

Because although there will not transfer camp in the last summer Plus still playing well and having a standard in the season. That ended (55 games, 7 goals, 8 assists), plus the contract still runs until 2025. But the name of the Portuguese star is still link to both Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona and Bayern Munich

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In addition, there is a list of Calvin Phillips that is becoming more and more clear. that the English national team midfielder “notified” here after moving from Leeds United for 42 million pounds, but only played 21 games, meaning that the door move out was quite open and at Manchester City, he would accept the condition of selling a lot of loss, less loss. only

If both Silva and Phillips actually moved out as in the news (referring to the team that wants to Must dare to fight for the price as well). It would an opportunity for Manchester City to open the way for new members to step in, whether Mateo Kovacic (Chelsea), Gabriel Bega (Celta). or Ryan Gravenberch (Bayern)

Striker: Is it good to organize Mbappe?

Because it is clear that Kylian Mbappe is likely to leave PSG this summer. When the player’s side has confirmed from the mouth that it will not extend the contract further from 2024, Paris has made it clear that it will not give up for free according to Bosman rules.

And how else can it release other than Mbappe moving the team now?

Just grabbing Mbappe to strengthen the offensive line in the Etihad Stadium, if in a fantasy football game like CM or FM, it would be possible to do without thinking too much. However, this is the real world. It’s true that Pep already has the best options, including Erling Braut Haaland (52 goals) and Julian Alvarez (17 goals).

Brand Mbappe, there is no way to move to be a substitute, alternate with anyone.

In this sense, it would be almost impossible for Pep to add another striker.

Compared to that, “widers” are more likely, at least in one position — because despite 47 appearances and 15 goals, Riyad Mahrez ‘s “importance” in Pep’s squad over the months behind decreased significantly.

  • – Champions League semi-final deciding match against Real Madrid (4-0): Only played the last 10 minutes

    – FA Cup Final: Unused substitutes

    – CLF Finals: Unused substitutes

More importantly, the Algerian winger’s performance also dropped. He has only scored in one game (a hat-trick against Sheffield United in the FA Cup) in his last 17 appearances. Whether it’s real or back up.

One is poor performance. Two is the age of not less than 32, and the third is that the Saudi team is ready to pump money to pull Mahrez to decorate the league as well.