Merson: Joao Felix is ​​too fragile to play in English league.

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Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson believes Atletico Madrid forward Joao Felix is ​​not suitable for playing in the English Premier League.

         The Portuguese national team has been heavily linked with transfers, with many clubs in England interested in Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United, especially with “Sing the Blues”, but Jason believes Felix is ​​not strong enough to face the toughest Premier League games.

         “Gram Potter needs two things to be successful at Chelsea: time and money,” Mason told the Daily Star. And I think they really need a striker. UFABET Although he hasn’t been in the top four this season. But the board had to give him a chance.

         “Gram Potter took some time to adjust to Chelsea, as well as new players coming in from other leagues. And he wasn’t very lucky, to be honest.”

         “Chelsea have a £100m player like Romelu Lukaku who is out on loan. and two of the most important players were injured. They need a center forward because they can’t attack other teams right now. But even if they buy a striker into It’s still a question of getting into the top four.

         “I’ve seen links with Joao Felix but I think he’s a bit fragile in this league and similar to Kai Havertz. They need to find someone more powerful. Someone who can attack defenders and score goals. But that’s not easy to find.”

        “Chelsea have to build a team that can consistently win titles. But for me they have to be patient. They hunted Gram Potter because of his performance at Brighton and I think the club has to give him time. Be patient. He’s buying young players. So he sees this as a four or five year plan. It’s not good for you to change managers.